Types of Services Offered Under Supportive Care


Part of aging is accepting that you or your parents will eventually reach that stage wherein a helping hand is necessary to complete simple, everyday tasks. Getting out of bed or dressing oneself becomes challenging to do once you acquire illnesses or have limited mobility due to weakened bones, poor eyesight, and other age-related illnesses. Just imagining that happening to you can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, however, there are a lot of care services to choose from, such as home care services, home health care services, nursing care, and the list goes on. They might sound the same, but these care options are distinct. Specifically, each is offered depending on the care recipient’s health condition and medical needs, primarily.

One care option that you can avail of for yourself or an aging loved one is Supportive Care. This is ideally offered to individuals who are healthy enough to stay in their homes, but require support and assistance in their everyday routines.

The State of Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services has defined two main types of Supportive Home Care Services. They are as follows.

  • Personal Assistance
    The services under this type include hands-on assistance with activities of daily living and direct assistance with instrumental activities of daily living.
  • Household/Chore Services
    You can also expect to enjoy light housekeeping services, including routine housekeeping and cleaning tasks. Some providers also offer assistance in completing intermittent major household tasks.

You can ask your neighboring provider of PCW Services for more resources regarding this matter.

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