Skin Care for Your Elderly Loved Ones


When we become older, our skin changes its quality. The skin becomes loose, thin, and no longer looks smooth. For seniors, maintaining skin quality can be done with a personal care worker at home.

However, care providers alone cannot do the whole work. Other strategies help preserve skin quality among the elderly. As a provider of home care in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we at Advance Home Care LLC will be glad to provide skin care tips for the elderly in this article.

  • Bathing regularly.
    Bathing also helps hydrate the skin. If you have an elderly loved one with mobility issues, they may seek assistance with bathing. They may also use hydrating products.
  • Using protective items.
    Protecting your skin using items can prevent your skin from chemicals. When your loved ones love dishwashing, they may use gloves. If they love spending time outside, they must protect their skin using sunblock or long sleeves.
  • Seeking professional help.
    Seeking a dermatologist’s opinion is a great way to check your loved one’s skin health. They may visit their dermatologists regularly to ensure their skin is healthy.
  • Seeking our services.
    Our services can cater to the skin care needs of your loved one. We provide PCW services, accompaniment to medical appointments, light housekeeping, and more. Visit our website for more details about our services.

The skin is a vital organ for elders to fight off foreign bodies. If they need help with skin care, our personal care in Wisconsin may help. Please call us, and we will be glad to serve you.

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